Saturday, February 28, 2009

So Far...

Another Wordle creation. 

My thoughts on the class so far.  I love Photoshop and Dreamweaver.  I could easily see myself using both in the classroom regularly for various purposes.  I gave in and bought the Creative Suite for Students.  Great deals for students - got it for something like, "$1800" off.  Saving money going broke...

I love digital storytelling and can see many different uses for that, and I'm having quite a lot of fun putting mine together.  I actually think I may use that in my current field work experience in a literacy/social studies unit I'm working on.  

I think the emphasis on technology as a tool rather than the center of the classroom is essential.  I do wonder if there's any place for traditional skills like keyboarding, which I am hugely grateful for learning.

Copyright is quite the imbroglio.  One, it seems like the laws need updating/clarification as we progress through this technological age.  Two, determining the limits of educational and fair use - not so simple.  Even the seemingly "simple" rule that works published prior to 1923 are in the public domain is not so simple - just discovered yesterday that even for say, photographs originally taken in the 19th century - there can be a current copyright on the digital version.  Thus the need for updated laws and guidelines.

As it happens, I love the blogging, it gives me an excuse to write.  I think for the purposes of the class, however, there might be a better system.  I thought of this after reading Clay Burell's archived posts on blogging (the link just takes you to one of them, but there are many worth reading - tagged blogging, or through the links at the bottom of the post).  I think it would be good for each student in the class to have and write on their own blog, but rather than on pre-assigned articles or questions, just on anything educational-technology related.  There could be a required number of posts per week, or whatever.  As it is now, we're all writing separate blogs on the same topic, quiet posts without discussion (arguably the best part of blogs), and it's really more of another way to turn in assignments.  Instead, I think it might be beneficial to all post, in the comments sections, on a class blog about each article/question - it would encourage discussion and allow more collaboration.  The class blog blogroll could then link to each individual blog.  

I think the experience of blogging is an important one if we plan to use it in the classroom.  I also think seeing how it is used in this course is a good model for how it can be used in the classroom.  Having a central class blog for assigned writing allows a place for discussion while the individual blogs promote a richer discussion and individualized reflection on the central issue of technology in the classroom.  As we are all coming from different fields, it would really create a broad information network and discussion platform.  Just my two cents.

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  1. I am so amazed by your blog! I hope you keep it up!

    Thanks for the feedback. It looks like you have a good undertanding of techology's role in the classroom.

    It's been a pleasure having you in class.

    Great Wordle, by the way!