Tuesday, February 24, 2009

See What You Can Learn on the Internets?

Try this.


  1. Didn't work for me. But try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFPtc8BVdJk for fun...

  2. Hey Hilary, Wonderful bLog. I've tried to comment before, but it didn't take. THat pesky technology! :)

    On this topic though,,,, What about playing the violin. Does the example mean it's impossible or just very difficult. I'm certainly one of those people who could never play the violin for that reason.

    PS If this comment works today, I'll try and post my other one from a week ago.

  3. Hugh - Doesn't work? Really? Are you left handed? Video's weird. But with my eyes open it sounds more like Ga-ga.

    Hey GirlfromtheBronx!
    Glad to see you here. I really don't know - I remember talking a lot about right/left brain stuff in high school art class - I always had a hard time when anyone would try to teach me to play the piano (correctly - I can do the one-handed Xmas carols and the two-finger chopsticks!). I never could get both my hands to do what I wanted to at the same time. I think I didn't have enough time to put into it really. Because typing is no problem, but had lots of practice.

    This also I think is hard when you're playing drums - I have a friend who is a drummer and he thinks its hilarious that I can't do the foot stuff and the hand stuff at the same time. Then again, I am not exactly a model for coordination.

  4. Multimodal perception rules!

    I actually play the violin, you're left hand and right hand are doing different things, which is not the same as your right leg and right hand trying to go in opposite directions (tricky!)- which is why I think playing the drums is tricky too.