Saturday, April 11, 2009

Only on a Mac

Lately, I've been thinking I'd like to teach fifth grade.  This is a big change from my 20-some-year-long ambition of being a kindergarten teacher.  I like the content better - you can do more.  (But I'd be happy anywhere.)

There are a couple things in the Connecticut curriculum for fifth grade that I haven't been all that excited about teaching.  

Exhibit A, "Energy Transfer and Transformations," ...sound is a form of energy that is produced by the vibration of objects and is transmitted by the vibration of air and objects...

I've never been able to think of ways that were really exciting or cool to teach this.  


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  2. Yeah, but MacSaber is more fun (even as your warranty is voided when you drop your MacBook)... "only on a Mac" crap!

  3. What's the difference between fourth and fifth grade? Fourth grade was my most transformative year. I had a great teacher who got me excited about reading. I want you catch them when they're still young enough for you to make a difference in their lives!

  4. Not that much difference - funny cause I had that kind of teacher in fifth grade. A little more maturity, in thinking and content material. But a big difference from kindergarten. Hard to decide - but I have a feeling budget cuts will decide for me. :)