Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Image of the Day

From Flickr User gautamnguitar, Licensed Under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License.


  1. Hi, H!

    I like For Giving Each Other Ill Names.

    Here's a blog perspective I thought you might be interested in regarding charter schools; not because it's critical of Obama, but because it's about public policy.


  2. Where are these punishments taking place?

  3. I'm into the punishment list. The handwriting seems so fine. I'd like to have had that teacher. Maybe I did,

  4. Gasket! Lovely to see you here. Thanks for the link. The author's absolutely correct about everything - there is a self-selecting process at work with charter schools. I'd also add that many of them have high attrition rates that go unreported as dropout rates, which obviously affects any quantitative data we're getting out of them. Plus, a lot of them get not only public funds but strings-attached money from the billionaire "reformers."

    My favorite quote: "Every school needs to be flexible and innovative. It's damaging to create two systems: the chartered schools that can be innovative and the others that are restricted by bureaucratic constraints. If the charter concept is so great, why don't we just get rid of the restrictions for all public schools?"
    Seriously - it's enough to make me bang my head on the wall.

    He mentions Clay Burrell in there - he's got a great blog about lots of this stuff over at
    (Too lazy to link right now!)

    For what it's worth, I'm totally fine with criticisms of Obama (in any area), but particularly in education - even when he was running, it was one of my major areas of disagreement with him. That has intensified as he's grown less vague. And with the appointment of Duncan. It's a shame.

    About the list - my favorite thing is that "misbehaving" to girls and playing cards earns you more lashes than getting drunk at school. Go figure. ;)