Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finding Mentor Texts at Unlikely Moments

Sunday, I wandered around the house with my phone, trying to get a bar of service so I could check the news. Finally, I managed to get some news stories to load.

And as I'm reading them trying to find out how long we're going to be stranded in darkness (Again!), I think, "Hey, this would be a great mentor text! Look at this interesting language! Descriptive words! Imagery! Similes!"

Thought I'd share.

This New York Times article.
"Not a light, mischievous form of frozen precipitation."
"...children whose costumes were obscured by winter coats as they lined up at the North Portico for a treat of cookies, M&Ms and dried fruit."

"snow-covered tree branches popped like firecrackers" (That is what it sounded like. Or gunfire. It was terrifying!)

Always nice to find good expository mentors!

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