Monday, October 3, 2011

Throwing Ideas Around

I can't really respond to Ladson-Billings 2006 article, "A Letter to Our Next President." It's too depressing.

I couldn't pick just one article. (How do you pick one without at least reading some of it? Then I have to keep going.) Lots of stuff in there. I have to marinate some of those ideas a little. Spoken language and writing. Voice. Rules. All strike me as a way of breaking down - or not building in the first place - barriers between students and writing.

Also, its making me think of all my students that frequently converse during academic group work in Spanish. I'm learning about their parallel literate lives. It's fascinating. I'm trying to figure out how to open that door, so to speak.

On a side note about dialect and voice and "proper" English, we should probably also include technological communication. It's a form of speaking/voice that's very different, with so many acronyms and slangs and vocabulary words - and it often trickles into "academic writing."

They remind me of something I was thinking about a while back.

Ok, have to think on it a little and wait for it. Maybe this is me planning.

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